Energy and Nature Park

Vennerslund Energy and Nature Park is an upcoming sustainability project in Guldborgsund Municipality in the Femern Belt Region.

The sustainability project supports the local agenda of a reorientation towards renewable energy sources. The sustainability project consists of:

  1. An energy parc consisting of a wind farm and a solar PV park.
  2. A charging station for electric cars next to the highway E47.
  3. An electrification of the agricultural activities at Vennerslund Manor.
  4. A recreational nature park, open to the public.

Initial estimates are that the wind farm and the solar panel could generate at least 70GWh of electricity a year. The wind farm will consist of six wind mills placed on the northern side of the highway. The solar PV park will cover at least 40 hectares arable. The charging station will be placed on current lay-by, Dronninghave.

The electrification of the agricultural activities will be part of a scientific project in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Vennerslund has already got funding from the entrepreneurial project, DTU Link.

The object of Vennerslund Energy and Nature Park is to become an attraction for local citizens and tourists who will be met by the storytelling on the sustainable synergy between the production of energy and the protection of the nature.

The area on the north-western side of Falster will thereby become an area of business growth in the years to come.